Wendy (鍾佩晶) is an urban planner and multimedia editor based in the Greater Los Angeles region. She works with public, nonprofit and research institutions to produce creative content that engages people on local community development issues.

Wendy is passionate about urban humanities and civic media. Her work centers on using nontraditional approaches like community arts and oral history, to engage historically underrepresented voices and perspectives in the urban planning process. Her work has primarily been in communities with higher barriers to engagement—such as those with large immigrant populations that face cultural challenges, language isolation, economic stresses, etc.

Her approach to urban planning is firmly rooted in a belief that cities are made unique by its peoples. She is an advocate of asset-based community development, which draws on the living culture and talent in local communities to drive conscientious, context-sensitive and sustainable urban growth.

Wendy received her Bachelors of Arts degrees in Anthropology and Communication Studies from UCLA, and her dual Masters in Urban Planning and Public Administration from USC. She is a native Southern Californian and second-generation Chinese American born to Vietnam War refugees who settled in Los Angeles in 1979.